The Invest: Why You Should Hire A Graphic Designer

Despite the occupation being around for decades and the term “Graphic Designer” being around since the 1920s, many people still don’t really understand what we do and, even more unfortunately, do not see the value in what we do. While many big brands understand the value and importance of design, they probably already have a great, iconic look and don’t need to reinvent the wheel— however, it’s the new wave of businesses and ideas that will need the initial branding, who will need a look that gets them out there and it really is a cut throat competition for customers and attention.

Some people’s vision for their idea often don’t make it off the page for a number of reasons; unavailable funds, not enough support or staff, but I feel, even when they have everything they would need on paper to create a business or a movement or a product, people often see the task of branding and designing and assume, oh, I could do that myself. Just as most people wouldn’t attempt to navigate an important contract without a lawyer or attempt to fix a leak without a plumber, taking the look of their brand into their own hands is a monumental task that a lot of businesses really aren’t equipped for.

I’ll be going over the reasons as to why investing in a graphic designer or a design firm to tackle your design needs will better your business and why you really, really shouldn’t try to do it all on your own.

You are NOT a designer

As much as you may think you are, unless you are already a creative whiz kid, designers know what they’re doing. A good designer will be able to construct your vision to its full extent while also being innovative with it. Trust me, we are very saddened and tired of looking out into the world and seeing businesses with bad design. It deters us just as it would deter customers; the only difference is that we actually understand why that color or typeface or graphic upsets us and we can actually help you create something much better and much more likely to grab a potential customer’s attention.

It pays to start right

Just as you invest in the right tools needed to continue your business and keep it functioning, investing in good design is investing in the future of your company. Having to pay a designer to come in and revamp your whole look once you’re already established your business or whenever business is slow. At those times, you might have to settle for online templates, cheap and sometimes subpar designs or the old do-it-yourself method— all of which can hurt your business’ image. It’s much more cost effective to put in the money to get all your design needs taken care of by a professional.

First impressions mean everything

You know this, we all know this. What people see about us in those first moments are crucial to developing some sort of relationship; good and bad. Of course, you want that first impression to be a good one and cement a lasting image in your potential consumer’s head that, hey, this a great product/business/campaign/whatever! People, unfortunately, can and will judge these first impressions based on looks alone; having high-quality, visually pleasing and overall enticing design suddenly sounds pretty great, right? Good design is what catches people’s eye in a positive way that makes them want to interact with your business and that’s the single most important aspect of marketing.

Consistency is key

To tie into the previous bullet point, not only does the first impression matter to customers, but keeping up the impression is how you secure a loyalty. If your website, business card, packaging, etc. all look like they’re made from different hands, people will notice. It doesn’t come across as professional. Professional graphic designers can help unify all your assets into an actual brand identity. Not only does it tie in all your marketing materials, but it helps build recognition with the masses; they’ll know your colors, they’ll know your graphics, they’ll know your emails. It all helps strengthen your connection with people and keep the conversation going instead of letting it fall flat.

They work with you, not against you

A designer is not going to take the name of your business and just run with it; they are professionals and what to create something that not only is what they consider wonderfully designed, but something that is alignment with your ideas, values and preferences. You can discuss what you want in great detail, give feedback and work together to make a brand identity you both can be proud of.

Seasoned designers know what trends to avoid, what will engage the public and will also do the research into your business, the field and your competitors to see what the industry standards are— and what they can do to make you stand out instead of getting lost in the crowd.

Moving forward, the very first thing potential customers are going to see is the look of your brand, not the actual value of what you do or sell. You could have the best product in the world, and it won’t get too far without some form of visual wow factor. Seriously developing a cohesive and visually stimulating brand identity can gather interest and investment from your audience and make your business thrive; that’s the value we bring to the table as designers.