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Si Se Puede

rePResent is a self started activism campaign to bring awareness to Americans on the lack of US representation for Puerto Rico. Puerto Ricans are US citizens from birth but since their island was given the status of commonwealth and not state, they are granted less rights and less Congressional representation than homeland citizens.

The campaign consists of the a poster series inspired by vintage travel posters, a postcard series so citizens can write to Congress expressing their disdain for Puerto Rico’s lack of rights, an informational video, various interviews with citizens and professionals about the topic, an informational zine and a process book. Most of the interviews and video are documented in the rePResent Instagram

The postcards (above) are smaller, reworked versions of the posters. The informational zine was printed on 11” x 17” paper, cut and handbound by myself and numerous copies were distributed to students and faculty in my university. The rePResent zine was filled with more facts about Puerto Rico’s limitations as a commonwealth, my goal with rePResent and information about what readers could do to better inform themselves.

The zine featured candid photos of my time in Puerto Rico, edited to similar, striking colors as the posters and postcards.